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In what way do you communicate society’s vision of 5 ideals to the political target audience? By emphasizing the emotional surplus value.

NIDA is a political party based in the Netherlands. The party was only represented at the municipal level in 2020, with two seats in Rotterdam and one seat in The Hague. The goal of the campaign was to get NIDA to participate in the March 17th 2021, national House of Representatives elections.

To highlight the participation in the national election, a video was developed that captures the image of NIDA’s participation in the national election, without including the program points.

To show what effect NIDA has in the political world, we highlight the benefits from an emotional point of view. These are the people you want to bring along as a party in their journey as a voter, so it is important that it feels right for them.

Understanding the roles

We delved into the different roles within NIDA as a party in politics to fully understand how everyone operates. To create the connection between people and feelings, we put focus on the concept of what you can do with five pillars and what feeling it gives you, rather than how exactly it works.

People first and the rest will follow

We outlined a real-time situation in which the party program ”At The Time” could be read by anyone. By literally zooming in on the screens, we cast a glance at feeling from the perspective of a human being, the voter. A voice-over takes you into the story. This creates space for images to focus more on the emotion of the voice-over person. Besides the voice-over, we also incorporated atmospheric images in the city of Rotterdam where NIDA started. To make sure that the viewer understands these well while also hearing the voice-over, the images had to not be distracting. Therefore, the camera was moved as little as possible. The calm voice and slow-moving images combine to form calmness, certainty and overview, further reinforcing the displayed emotion of the voter.

Refreshing and catchy

In order to reach more audiences and brand awareness, we helped NIDA throughout the preliminary stages of the national elections to build its place in the digital world. We were able to work this out through several marketing strategies. Re-branding the entire social media feed that fits well with NIDA’s ideals; faith, life, talent, prosperity and family. This paired with advertising and taking control of community management.

“We at NIDA have experienced Eye4Media as real team players, think along with you, are available at all times, creative and innovative. We were looking for a party that has experience in all areas. If you are looking for an innovative media company that seriously rolls up its sleeves for large projects, then you have come to the right place! It was really a great experience working together on the entire project. The team is really creative and made an effort to put themselves into our political world and that really shows in the end result.”

Nourdin El Ouali, Political leader – NIDA

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Does your company need a new flavour?

Get the most out of your company. Don’t wait any longer and send us a message or call us. Our team is happy to help you.

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